Master data integration

Benefits of Partlinq and Master data integration 

Integrating data is the process of collecting and combining information from a variety of sources. An organization’s primary goal with data integration is to provide accurate information across departments to employees. As a result of this open flow of data, departments can work together towards a common goal. 

The Partlinq MDG platform enables companies to reduce the total cost of ownership and implement centralized MRO data governance across locations and functional groups to ensure sustained data integrity. 

Through cloud-based tools like automated software, data exchange is enhanced by continuously supplying systems with up-to-date information. Several internal processes, such as inventory, procurement and maintenance, will in collaboration to share functions, reports, and insights, allowing teams to easily monitor performance across the supply chain and operations. 

The purpose of master data integration is to distribute master data so that all applications can view master data in the same way. The integration of master data across systems provides a unified view of data, and also provides a distribution layer that enables your line-of-business applications to communicate with each other. 

Benefits of Partlinq 

  • Highly customizable workflow management. 
  • Effective standardization of MRO data and efficient data rules. 
  • Eliminate exploitation of MRO data with streamlined data governance mechanism. 
  • Ease of developing MRO catalogs with accurate UNSPSC classification. 
  • Automated data quality checks to ensure no bad data or duplicates enter the system. 
  • Descriptions of MRO materials in multiple languages across systems. 
  • Assign MRO items to assets & equipment; Create asset bills of materials. 
  • Realtime integration with ERP and EAM/CMMS systems like IBM Maximo, SAP, Oracle, etc. 

Partlinq is a cloud data integration and data quality platform that helps businesses integrate their data from multiple sources. It enables businesses to easily combine, cleanse, and transform their data into a unified format. Partlinq also provides powerful analytics tools for analyzing the quality of the integrated data. With Partlinq, businesses can quickly identify and fix any issues with their data before it is used for decision-making or other purposes. This helps them ensure that they are making decisions based on accurate and reliable information.