MRO Data Taxonomy/Schema

The quality of data is largely determined by the rules and systems used to create and maintain records. Many organizations suffer from a deficiency in one or both of these, resulting in the subjective nature of data elements such as item descriptions or data classification taxonomies. A more effective MDM software solution goes beyond maintaining consistency of reference data, but also manages relations between the entities of the data in order to generate better business insights

Due to geographical dispersal, the data may be obscured by organizational and personal preferences, resulting in an inconsistency, incompleteness, and duplication of data. 

Throughout the years, we have developed a rich and comprehensive data dictionary (aka data taxonomy) for MRO data classification, including more than 5000 commodities. In addition to developing our own internal taxonomy, we also develop custom taxonomy for our clients.

When a taxonomy is established for a client, it serves as the basis for an initial data cleansing and enrichment program, as well as providing an ongoing data governance process.  

The taxonomy typically has three main elements:

  • Noun – A broad grouping for a set of products. Examples of Nouns are belt, fasteners, pumps, bearings, etc.
  • Modifier – A sub classification for each Noun, based on the type of product, application or other similar criteria that helps uniquely identify a sub group. As an example, for the Noun “BELT”, the modifiers would be TOOTHED, V, FLAT, SAFETY, etc.
  • Attributes – Specific characteristics of a product, that serve as specifications for the item. Examples of Attributes for a BELT would be TYPE, NUMBER OF RIBS, MATERIAL, THICKNESS, INNER CIRCUMFERENCE, etc.

Benefits of MRO Data Taxonomy

It is essential to have a reliable and scalable structure for the MRO materials database by developing a well structured MRO Data Taxonomy. An effective MRO taxonomy can efficiently classify materials into different commodity groups, which allows users to make intelligent decisions based on analytical data. By using the right material classification, you can gain real-time visibility into procurement spend patterns, optimize inventory and improve vendor relationships.

Readymade MRO Taxonomy

We have our own proprietary MRO taxonomy, developed with two decades of MRO data management (MDM) expertise in industry-standard taxonomies such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, etc. Our MDM Software Specialists can suggest the most suitable taxonomy for your business based on your industry and purpose, or they can customize a standard taxonomy based on your needs.

Our Readymade taxonomies have been developed based on experience in various industrial verticals such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Manufacturing, etc. The taxonomy is extremely diverse, covers over 6000 commodities, and is suitable for any asset-intensive industry. This taxonomy includes a multi-level classification system (Nouns, Modifiers, Sub-Modifiers), along with an associated dictionary that provides definitions of all key attributes, abbreviations, and units of measurement (UoM).

Inventory Manager Purchase description
Peter (Site 1) SWITCH, PRESSURE 3 BAR 250 VAC: -25 C TO + 70°C SIEMENS XMLB002A2S11
Sam (Site 2) MONITOR, PRESSURE XMLB002A2S11 3 BAR 250 VAC -25 C TO + 70°C SIEMENS
Taxonomy / Schema FAQs
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