Partlinq™- Master Data Management Software

Have you implemented Master Data Governance (MDG) policies and monitoring frameworks are in place, to ensure your Material Master Data is consistent at all times? Many organizations face the challenge of diminishing material master data quality over time, which is one of the major challenges they have to deal with. When data governance policies are not defined, or technology platforms are not implemented to govern data, multiple systems and multiple users can corrupt the data rapidly. With master data management software (MDM), a company’s most critical information, also known as master data, is tracked. MDM software provides insights related to company operations, clients, and goals.

master data management software

The cloud-based platform, Partlinq™, allows organizations to implement a centralized MRO data governance system based on technology to enforce quality standards and maintain the quality of their MRO data. Partlinq’s platform takes advantage of our two decades of Expertise in Master Data Excellence, the MRO commodity expertise, our industry-based experience, and our proprietary technologies to offer our clients a truly unique and affordable solution.

With a efficient MDG program, data integrity is guaranteed across ERP and EAM/CMMS systems, which enhances decision-making intelligence for plant operations, equipment maintenance, inventory management, and reliability engineering.

Partlinq™ that integrates with most major ERP and EAM systems such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, and many more. In today’s global business environment, the multilingual capabilities of Partlinq MDG™ make it more valuable and acceptable to asset-intensive organizations worldwide.

By combining our managed service model with the master data management software Partlinq™ platform, organizations can gain control over their inventory, ensure the availability of the right MRO part at the right time, and implement an effective MRO master data governance framework.

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